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In the twenty first century when life is a race for higher achievements, higher aspirations, faster decision making, should we not be more careful about what we consume, what we purchase, what our children consume or purchase? Should we not think even once how an improper purchase decision can cause greater damage to the environment and adversely affect our health? The answer is a strong YES, We are sure!

Hence, we take the opportunity to introduce you to Ecochoice, your complete online store and informative guide for purchase of eco-friendly, healthy, organic, natural, herbal, energy efficient and absolutely genuine products.
Ecochoice believes in providing the citizens genuine information about how eco-friendly the product is, how good it is for the health, how energy efficient it is and how these products will ensure a safe, healthy living for them while causing minimum or no environmental impacts. Products which do not qualify as eco-friendly or energy efficient or has harmful health impacts are not enlisted on Ecochoice.
We have taken special care to conduct Due Diligence of our vendors so that we present to you the best and most genuine products. We have also taken the technical advice of Centre for Sustainable Development in order to present to you all the information about the product in an easily understandable way for you to make an informed purchase.
Let us begin the journey of a smart & responsible shopping!
Team Ecochoice

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